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There are many believers in the spritual presence of Angels. Perhaps we all have a Guardian Angel to guide us through life.

This poem was written for me by a very special gentleman..I will treasure your kindness always..


I have a special Angel
Who watches over me
A Guardian that I cherish
Who hears my every plea

My Angel is so pretty
Adorned with soft white wings
Wind swept hair a-flowing
A glow to me she brings

I love my little Angel
She's with me day and night
And when I enter darkness
She extends to me her light

You also have an Angel
To make your spirits glow
To keep you safe and happy
Believe me...cause I know

Doug Frederick

~The Poet's Pen~

These fairies are waiting to be a second welcome for you..

This is one of my favorite Angels, and she was on one of my emails for a long time..

Not the prettiest Angel, but she has red hair like me..

This baby Angel is for all the children in the world..

Pretty innocent little Angel..

A beautiful pure white Angel, sent to me from my friend Camille..

This page is dedicated to my three wonderful children..

~ Paula ~ Bill ~ Jill ~

~Heavenly Visitors~

An angel doesn't have to be physical to touch you..

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