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Page Four

~Set Ten~

Angel kissing boy goodnight:
Ceramic baby Angels kiss:
Small Angel with puppy:
Angel with Christmas tree:
Small comical flying Angel:
Angel with a lamb:
Angel sitting with green foilage:
Angel with stuffed animal:
Three Angel heads:
Angel boy with blue ribbons:
Half Angel with purple wings:
Another boy Angel with blue ribbon:
Peach Angel with pink wings:
Two Angel heads:
Two little girl Angels:
Muted Angel with harp:

~Set Eleven~

Small blue Angel on knees left:
Purple Angel blowing horn:
Purple Angel on knees right:
Muted baby Angel with arrow:
Angel in bell tower:
Two pale muted Angels:
Angel in lavender with red hair:
Oriental Angel in blue waving:
Muted Angel with candle:
Angels riding in sky boat:
Angels in fire colors:
Pale blond Angel child:
Doll Angel with fluffy wings:
Fountain Angel in garden:
Pink border background tiny Angel:
Angel in a misty blue:

~Set Twelve~

Muted Angel with candle:
Muted Angel with dove:
Angel watching over boy in barn:
New years Angel in gold:
New years Angel amidst flowers:
Angel with yellow flowers:
Another muted Angel with harp:
Country Angel looks like a quilt:
Angel doll in pink:
Bronze Angel praying:
Choir Angel:
Angels reading at table:
Angels in a bed of roses:
Angel holding baby:
Pale blue Angel in garden:
Statue of an Angel:

~Angel Guardians~


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