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Page Three

~Set Seven~

Three pale Angels:
Boy Angel by a pond:
Angel inside a wreath of flowers:
Blond Angel sleeping:
Pale lavender Angel background:
Girl Angel playing harp:
Two golden Angels:
Boy Angels playing by the water:
Cupid Angel carries a heart:
Angel surrounded by yellow flowers:
Spectacular colors Angels:
Small peach color Angel:
Small oriental style Angel:
Angel sitting with a cat:
Two Angels-purple border:
Large Angel in red carries a child:

~Set Eight~

Pink color Angel with crossed arms:
Beautiful gold sleeping Angel:
Rose color Angel in gold frame:
Blue color man Angel:
Angel watching over sleeping child:
Angel blowing bubbles:
Group of nude Angels:
Cherub Angel with many colors:
Cupid Angel shooting arrow:
Gold Angel with many colors in frame:
"Save the Children" Angel plaque:
Same as previous in blue frame no words:
Very pale color man Angel:
Ceramic statue Angel:
Angel waiting patiently:
Shocking pink Angel with purple colors:

~Set Nine~

Angel with flowing ribbons:
Baby Angel with gold & aqua:
Baby Angel asleep among the trees:
Small flying Angel:
Purple & pink Angel with squares:
Large Angel with wolf painting:
Small blinking Angel face:
Neon flashing Angel:
Half lady Angel:
Pony-tail Angel on cloud:
Just the word "Angel" in purple:
Small Angel with dark hair:
Happy Birthday Angel:
Pink Angel facing right:
Pink Angel facing left:
Pale yellow Angel background:

~Angel Guardians~

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