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My interest in Elephant collecting has been on-going since 1975, when I purchased a small previously owned wooden one at a flea market.
Over the years I have received many as gifts and purchased even more. The collection consists of about 300, ranging from ceramics to books, jewelry, photos, paintings and novelties.
I still enjoy looking at all kinds, but have become over-run with them. Elephants take up a lot of room!
So I decided the next best thing was finding them on the web and sharing them with you. Some are cute, funny, and some are just to be in awe when viewing.

This page is for pure enjoyment. I have added links for the special preservation of Elephants.
Take a moment to look around, there are some great dedicated people.

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Just push on my belly and you will be right there!

Don't forget to come back!

Since ELEPHANTS and CHILDREN are both very SPECIAL...add your SPECIAL ONES to my list..just send me a message.


Nikki Laura Elly Tommy Sheldon Ashley Dumbo Tara Aaron Wayne Emily Babar Frankie

We're just so happy to see you, we had to dance!

Circus Elephants start training at ten to twenty years of age.

This is a short, squat ceramic Elephant.

An Elephant's gestation time is approximately 22 months.

What a family!

Elephant babies usually stay walking right near their mother's side for up to two years.

Nothing to be afraid of, just wants to impress you with his strength.

Angry Elephant's may spread open their ears like wings to make themselves appear even larger to their enemies.

This one needs to head for the water.

Several animals have tusks, but only the Elephant has the unique trunk.

This baby looks so lost..where's Mom?

Elephant's trunks are used primarily for breathing.

Here's Mom, looking for her baby!

The trunk on an Elephant can be raised in the air to smell the scent of danger.


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