I have found so many Angels on the web to share with you. Perhaps there are some here you may want.
If I have borrowed an Angel you don't want me to have, please let me know. If you have more, let me know this also. Any repeats, accept my apologies, there are so many.

~Set One~

Angel with bird:
Angel with child:
White-porcelin Angel:
Water Globe Angel:
Sleeping Angel Baby:
Angel with Butterfly:
Large Angel Slanted:
Angel background 1:
Angel background 2:
Angel in fountain:
Pink-winged heart Angel:
Standing Angel-full screen:
One wing Angel-full screen:
Framed Angel with horn:
Golden Angel with candle:
Pretty Angel sitting:

~Set Two~

Two Angel dolls:
My favorite Angel:
Orange framed Angel:
Red-haired Angel:
Welcome Angels:
Loving couple Angels:
Angel in blue:
Angel & child:
Angel in red with child:
Angel babies-full screen:
Angel carries tree:
Spectacular colors Angel:
Cupid Angels with heart:
Curly hair Angel:
Angels with lady:
Guardian Angel couple:

~Set Three~

Kneeling Angel with flowers:
Group of Angels reading:
Young woman Angel in frame:
Looks like a winter Angel:
White porcelin Angel 2:
White porcelin Angel 3:
Baby Angel sitting on flower:
Pretty Angel facing right:
Pretty Angel facing left:
Three Angels-one with slipped halo:
Two Angels in flowered heart:
Angel in colorful garden:
Line Bar of Angels:
Small peach color Angel:
Angel with moving eyes & wings:
Boy Angel With flower:

Angel Guardians


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